Kohaku Groupbuy Raffle



Raffle Date: 24th July 2021

Raffle Time: 10:00 AM MYT -  Please click here to check your local time 

Format: Limited timed raffle, to join please read the "How to join" section. You will need a discord account to join. 


How to join the raffle:

1. Users need to have a valid phone number attached to their discord account

2. Users will need to join https://discord.gg/yxqVMrw and get verified 

3. After you have the verified role, please proceed to https://www.koi-raffle.com/ and log in with THE SAME ACCOUNT YOU JOINED THE SERVER WITH.

4. On the day of the raffle (24th July 2021 10:00 AM MYT, click here to check your local time), you should log into the website, refresh and you will be able to join the raffle. 

5. The raffle will be a limited raffle. The first 1000 eligible entries will qualify for the raffle. 300 entries will then be randomly selected from this to win a spot. 

6. Winners will then be given access to the store to make your purchase. You will have 48 hours to make your purchase. Your order email will have to match the raffle email. If it does not match, your order will be cancelled and the spot will be re-raffled.


  • 65% Gasket
  • Leaf spring Aluminum plates or Normal Polycarbonate plate
  • Poron gasket strips
  • Handpolished CNC Milled 6063 Aluminum
  • Sandblasted coated Copper
  • Available in Red, Grey, and Silver
  • 8 Degree angle
  • Average build weighs: approx 2000g
  • 1.5 mm plates in Black Aluminum/Polycarbonate
  • Acrylic slide in cover
  • Hiney PCB

 Fulfilment date: Q1 2022 ~ subject to change within reason. 

Item  Price in MYR
Solder Kit RM 2450.00
Hotswap Kit RM 2500.00 
Extra Solder PCB RM 200.00
Extra Hotswap PCB RM 250.00
Extra Aluminum Plate RM 165.00
Extra Polycarbonate Plate  RM 165.00
Extra Acrylic Piece  RM 22.00
Gasket Set of 10 pieces (2 extra) RM 15.00


What's in your kit:

1x Kohaku case
1x PCB 
1x Plate of choice
1x Hard Carrying Case
1x Assembly Hardware and accessories 


Q. How many units will there be?
A. 300 Units

Q. How many units can I purchase?
A. Each raffle winner will be able to purchase only one kit.

Q. How many raffle entries will there be and how long will the raffle be opened? 
A. The raffle will close as soon as there are 1000 entries. 

Q. When will it be fulfilled? 
A. Tentatively Q1 2022

Q. What are the available colors?
A. Red, Silver, Grey

Q What material for the plate will be offered?
A  Aluminum Plate and PC Plate. (Choose 1)

Q Do you offer (Insert Material here) plate other than the two above?
A No. Plate files will be provided later on, so you can cut your own (Insert Material Here) plate.

Q. What is the angle of the board?
A. 8 degrees (Front height is 19mm)

Q. Is shipping included in the kit price?
A. Shipping is not included in the kit price. Closer to delivery date, buyers will be sent an email on how to pay for shipping.