Polycarbonate SINGA R2

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SINGA R2 POLYCARBONATE | Mechanical keyboard kit

- Polycarbonate top and bottom

- Sandblasted Brass plate with a coated finish.

- Sandblasted Lion and Inner weight with a coated finish.

- Assorted hex screws 


- WKL Tops only

 - Layout in photo gallery.

For Underglow (optional)

1. Attiny85 and the Ungerglow Leds are provided*

2. You will have to solder them yourselves. 


Ships 1-4 business days after order is placed. You will receive a notification email with your tracking order. 



Soldering Attiny and Underglow SMD Leds.

1. Both attiny and underglow SMD leds are included.

2. Solder the attiny onto the smt pads located for it. (small box with 6 pads)

3. Solder the SMD LEDs in a clockwise order with the USB facing you. The first smd pad will be left of the USB port while facing you. Test each smd led after soldering for easier trouble shooting.

4. If for example number 3 led (3rd led from USB port going clockwise) does not work, reflow both the 3rd and the 2nd led and so forth for other leds. Always check for cold solders. The led will need the previous led to work, as they are programmed to work in a trace.