1. Remove case screws.

2. Remove top.

3. Remove the weight for acrylic piece.



1. Leave screws in top case.

2. Rest PCB+Plate on top of gaskets.

3. Rest Top case onto PCB+Plate.

4. Shift PCB+Plate downwards, until the northside of the case rests upon the bottom case.

5. Repeat step 4 but for the opposite side (shifting upwards)

6. Once Top and Bottom has come together, readjust PCB+Plate so that it is in the middle with an offset of 1mm between keycaps and the case walls.

7. Screw the case down. Use blue film from gaskets to shield case walls if needed.


Acrylic Piece

1. Cut a piece of paper longer than the acrylic piece.

2. Put the paper on the weight

3. Slide the acrylic piece (remove safety sticker first) across.

4. Remove paper