Kohaku - Extras

200.00 MYR

Kohaku Extras

Extra parts for your Kohaku.

Item  Price in MYR
Extra Solder PCB RM 200.00
Extra Hotswap PCB (ISO) RM 250.00
Extra Hotswap PCB (No ISO) RM 250.00
Extra Aluminum Plate RM 165.00
Extra Polycarbonate Plate  RM 165.00
Extra POM Plate  RM 95.00
Extra Acrylic Piece  RM 22.00
Gasket Set of 20 pieces (4 extra) RM 10.00

    Please be aware that extras are shipped with no extra charge to shipping if they are shipped with your keyboard.

    For orders not shipped with your keyboard, please add 1kg from MISC section. 


    Solder Layout:

    Hotswap Layout:

     All items are in-stock and are extras for the original group buy orders. 


    Please read our refund policy 

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