Kohaku - Extras

RM250.00 MYR

Kohaku Extras

Extras for your Kohaku.

Item  Price in MYR
Extra Solder PCB RM 200.00
Extra Hotswap PCB RM 250.00
Extra Aluminum Plate RM 165.00
Extra Polycarbonate Plate  RM 165.00
Extra Acrylic Piece  RM 22.00
Gasket Set of 20 pieces (4 extra) RM 10.00


    Solder Layout:

    Hotswap Layout:


    This is a preorder item, by purchasing this item you agree to all preorder terms and conditions listed here Please take a minute of your time to read and understand all preorder terms and conditions, and the terms are not agreeable by you, please do not preorder this item. 

    The shipping cost for your order will be paid at a later date, closer to delivery date to reflect more accurate shipping costs due to manufacturing times taking more than 3 months. 

    All sales are final unless stated otherwise. By purchasing our items you agree to all terms and conditions set by NDP VENTURES SDN BHD

    As we strive to keep our boards to a certain quality, there are certain aspects that are unavoidable when manufacturing our keyboards, some of these are:


    • Anodization hooks will be present in the interior faces of the keyboards depending on design. In the Kohaku it will be on the internal left and right side of the keyboard. 
    • No tooling, machining marks, pitting on external surfaces
    • No visual defects or operation defects when the boards are assembled and in use
    • As we opt for a clean external surface visually, all unavoidable marks will be placed inside of the case. 
    • The colour anodization match from the pictures and the production board will not be 100%, but we strive to keep it as close as possible. 


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