Kohaku R1 Groupbuy and Updates (Completed)

This groupbuy has ended and has been fulfilled. 



  • 29/7 - Orders were paid for and submitted to the factory. 
  • 23/9 - Kohaku has started machining. 
  • 15/11 - Solder PCBs have finished manufacturing and have been delivered.
  • 3/12 - Hotswap PCBs are being manufactured


  • 04/1 - Factory has communicated that most of the CNC machining will finish end of March 2022. I've asked them to try and deliver by batches so that anything that's done can be fulfilled instead of waiting for everything to finish. I expect it will take a couple of weeks after that for anodizing, finishes and qc.
  • 15/1 - Hotswap PCBs completed.
  • 18/2 - Tops and bottom machining will be finished by end of February. 300 tops and 220 bottoms finished. Weight and plates will start right after. 
  • 1/3 - Tops finished. Bottom almost done. Weights and plates to start after.
  • 10/3 - Factory has been in lockdown and will assume to be in lockdown for another week. The factory that the Kohaku is being made at is under a covid restriction lockdown.
  • 24/3 - Machining will resume either tonight or tomorrow.
  • 28/3 - Machining has resumed. Weights have started since 24th.
  • 13/4 - All plates finished CNC. Bottoms completed.
  •  25/4 - All colours anodized. QC-ing. Copper weights are being sandblasted and coated. 
  • 5/5 - First batch of 100+ of red and greys are on route to SINGAKBD. 
  • 8/6 - Main shipment (air) clearing customs. First shipment (sea) scheduled for delivery to SINGAKBD.
  • 3/7 - Groupbuy has concluded. Waiting on remaining orders to pay shipping. Please contact elaine@singakbd.com or use the contact form if you need assistance. 
  • 7/2022 - All orders fulfilled. 


  • 65% Gasket
  • Leaf spring Aluminum plates or Normal Polycarbonate plate
  • Poron gasket strips
  • Handpolished CNC Milled 6063 Aluminum
  • Sandblasted coated Copper
  • Available in Red, Greyand Silver
  • 8 Degree angle
  • Average build weighs: approx 2000g
  • 1.5 mm plates in Black Aluminum/Polycarbonate
  • Acrylic slide in cover
  • Hiney PCB

 Fulfilment date: Q1/Q2 2022 ~ subject to change within reason. 

Item  Price in MYR
Solder Kit RM 2450.00
Hotswap Kit RM 2500.00 
Extra Solder PCB RM 200.00
Extra Hotswap PCB RM 250.00
Extra Aluminum Plate RM 165.00
Extra Polycarbonate Plate  RM 165.00
Extra Acrylic Piece  RM 22.00
Gasket Set of 20 pieces (4 extra) RM 15.00


What's in your kit:

1x Kohaku case
1x PCB 
1x Plate of choice
1x Hard Carrying Case
1x Assembly Hardware and accessories 


Q. How many units will there be?
A. 300 Units

Q. How many units can I purchase?
A. Each raffle winner will be able to purchase only one kit.

Q. How many raffle entries will there be and how long will the raffle be opened? 
A. The raffle will close as soon as there are 1000 entries. 

Q. When will it be fulfilled? 
A. Tentatively Q1 2022

Q. What are the available colors?
A. Red, Silver, Grey

Q What material for the plate will be offered?
A  Aluminum Plate and PC Plate. (Choose 1)

Q Do you offer (Insert Material here) plate other than the two above?
A No. Plate files will be provided later on, so you can cut your own (Insert Material Here) plate.

Q. What is the angle of the board?
A. 8 degrees (Front height is 19mm)

Q. Is shipping included in the kit price?
A. Shipping is not included in the kit price. Closer to delivery date, buyers will be sent an email on how to pay for shipping.