Kohaku R2 Groupbuy and Updates

Keyboard Specifications:
  • 65% Gasket Mount
  • Kit Plate: Aluminum Leaf Spring with Addon Plates: CF Leaf spring / PC Plate available to purchase
  • Poron gasket strips
  • 6063 
  • Sandblasted Brass or Stainless steel weight
  • PCB: Solder and Hotswap available
  • Available in Autumn Lilac, British Racing Green, Smoke Grey and Lunar Black. 
  • 8 Degree angle
  • Tempered glass backcover
  • PCB by Wolf

PCB Specifications:

  • Black core
  • FR41.6mm thick
  • ENIG plated
  • Center USB connector
  • ESD protection (IEC 61000-4-2 level 4)
  • RP2040
  • 16Mbit flash memory


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Regional Vendors:
Sale format will be decided by respective vendors. 

CONUS (Canada& USA), East Asia (CN, KR, HK, TW, KR, JP ETC) and Rest of World: KLC Playground - 12th of April 00:00 - 16th of April 23:59 KST (GMT+9) - Raffle

UK: Prototypist - April 12th at 09:00am - April 13th at 09:00am BST (24 hours)

EU: Oblotzky - April 12th at 12:00pm CEST - 3:00 pm (3 hours)

SEA: SINGAKBD - April 12 at 11:00am MYT - April 14 11:00am MYT (48 hours) - Raffle

OCE: Cafege - 12th of April at 12am AEST - 15th of April 12am AEST (72 hours) - Raffle

If you need to check which vendor you are eligible to buy from, please check with us. 

Groupbuy Information:

  • Groupbuy Raffle Date: 12th April 2023 - 14th April 2023 (48 hours)
  • Sales method from SINGAKBD: Koi Raffle and Jotform Only
  • Fulfilment date: Q4 2023/Q1 2024 ~ subject to change within reason. 
  • Total Units: 700 inclusive of all regions


How to join Raffles?

Item  Price in MYR
Base kit (Without PCB)  RM 2250.00
Solder PCB RM 180.00
Hotswap PCB RM 245.00
Extra Aluminum Plate (Leaf Spring)  RM 165.00
Extra Carbon Fiber (Leaf Spring) RM 95.00
Extra Polycarbonate Plate  RM 150.00
Tempered Glass  RM 30.00
Gasket Set of 20 pieces  RM 15.00


What's in your Base kit:

1x Kohaku top case, bottom case, 3 part weight
1x Tempered Glass Cover
1x Black Aluminum Leaf-spring Plate
1x Drawstring Sleeve Bag
1x Microfiber Cloth
1x Authentication Card 
1x Hard Carrying Case
1x Gasket set of 20
1x Bumpons, extra screws and stickers





Q. How many units will there be?
A. 700 Units total

Q. How many units can I purchase?
A. Each raffle winner will be able to purchase only one kit.

Q. When will it be fulfilled? 
A. Estimated Q4 2023/Q1 2024 ~ subject to change within reason.

Q. What are the available colors?
A. 4 Colours: Autumn Lilac, British Racing Green, Smoke Grey and Lunar Black. 

Q What material for the plate will be offered?
A  Base kit will come with a Leaf spring aluminum plate. You are free to buy carbon fiber and polycarbonate plates as addons. 

Q Do you offer (Insert Material here) plate other than the two above?
A No. Plate files will be provided later on, so you can cut your own (Insert Material Here) plate.

Q. What is the angle of the board?
A. 8 degrees (Front height is 19mm)

Q. Is shipping included in the kit price?
A. Shipping is not included in the kit price. Closer to delivery date, buyers will be sent an email on how to pay for shipping. 

Q. Why is my _____ layout not offered?
A. Layout for either pcb is finalised and will not change. 

Q. Will R2 parts work with R1?
A. No, unfortunately they will not except for the glass cover. The glass cover will work on R1.