Ocelot Groupbuy and Updates (Completed)

Groupbuy has concluded and is in partial fulfilment. 




  • 1/12 - Orders have been submitted to the factory and paid for. PCBs are being manufactured.
  • 27/12 - Ocelots are being manufactured


  • 03/1 - PCBs are done.  
  • 18/1 - Plates done, Brass weights have started machining. Alu tops to be finished after CNY, same for PC tops.
  • 24/1 - Packaging completed.
  • 18/2 -  Aluminium tops have finished machining and are currently in prepping phase for anodization. Polycarbonate tops are currently in progress. Brass bottoms are half done.
  • 1/3 - Tops finished polishing, now sandblasting. Brass weights almost done. PC tops almost done. All CNC should be done by end of the week.
  • 6/3 - All CNC has been completed. Prepping for anodization.
  • 16/3 - waiting for anodization
  • 30/3 - PC top still almost done. Anodizing factory is in a covid lockdown district. No news yet.
  • 12/4 - PC tops done. The main anodizing factory may reopen tomorrow..
  • 13/4 - Plates done anodizing. Main anodizing factory update will only be known tomorrow or later in the week.
  • 25/4 - PC ones being qc-ed and packed to be shipped to me. No news on main anodizing factory 
  • 9/5 - PC sets are on route to SINGAKBD. Anodizing factory back to normal. Colour readjustments for anodization in progress. Please email me all address changes by asap. 
  • 18/5 - PC sets clearing customs.
  • 18/5 - PC kits have arrived.
  • 27/5 - Greens finished anodizing. Several PC kits sent back to rework from shipping damage.
  • 1/6 - Purples arrived. Qc and sorting to start next week. Greens going through factory qc. 6/6 - purples to start shipping this week
  • 8/6 - All orders with PURPLE only shipped.
  • 3/7 - Remainder PC and Green kits are in transit to SINGAKBD
  • 7/2022 - Groupbuy has concluded and fulfilled. 




  • 8/6-key macropad 
  • 4mm Brass Weight
  • Weight unbuilt: 311g for Aluminum, 245g for Polycarbonate
  • QMK/VIA Configurator - Download here VIA CONFIGURATOR
  • Hotswap PCB Designed by Hiney, RGB Underglow
  • Works with both clip-in and screw-in stabilizers. 
  • USB-C Input
  • Available in Dark Green, Purple and Polycarbonate





1x Anodized Aluminum Case/ Sandblasted Polycarbonate Case

1x Clear Coated Brass Weight

1x Black Aluminum Plate

1x Hotswap PCB with RGB Underglow

1x Assorted Screws and Bumpons

 Fulfilment date: Q3 2022 - Subject to change within reason


Please read:

This is a groupbuy and by purchasing this you agree adhere to all groupbuy terms and conditions. 


Cancellations are accepted during the group buy period only. A cancellation fee of 4.45% (Shopify + Stripe transaction fees) will apply. Please check your cart carefully and have your mind made up before checking out to ensure you do not lose out on fees. 


Item  Price in MYR
Aluminum Kit RM 525.00
Polycarbonate Kit RM 525.00
Extra Hotswap PCB with RGB Underglow RM 110.00
Extra Aluminum Plate (Black Only) RM 70.00
Extra Clear Coated Brass Weight RM 200.00


Twitch Streams

Polycarbonate - Tinymakesthings

Purple - Apiarykeyboards

Dark Green - Taehatypes - 19/11 Time:11 am PST


I’m very happy to announce a group artisan collaboration with all these talented artisan makers for the Ocelot. Please follow them and stay tuned for the individual raffle/sales that they will be coming up with for the Ocelot!