Unikorn R2.2 Rerun 2022



  • The original 60% O-ring Tray mount by TGR & SINGAKBD
  • Plates available in Aluminum Full plate, Aluminum Half Plate, FR4 and POM plate. While stocks last. 
  • 6063 Aluminum
  • Sandblasted Copper with a clear coat. 
  • Available in Red, Green, Blue and Grey.
  • 8 Degree angle
  • Kopibeng PCB (Solder only)
  • Custom Daughterboard
  • 50A Oring. 



Item  Price in MYR
Green Kit RM 1950.00
Red Kit RM 1950.00
Additional PCB + DB + JST Cable RM 215.00
Additional Full/Half Aluminum plate (Black) RM 170.00
Additional POM Plate RM 110
Additional FR4 Plate (Black) RM 55


Extra parts will be available to purchase during the raffle. 

All plates are subject to availability. 

Reseda Green More Photos
Flamenco Red More Photos


What's in your kit:

1x Unikorn Case
1x PCB + DB + JST + Oring
1x Plate of choice
1x Hard Carrying Case
1x Accessories 



Red and Green Raffle:
Date: 28th November 2022
Time:12:00 pm MYT
Duration: 2 hours


Blue and Grey Raffle:
Date: TBC, Q1 2023. 


How to Join?

Follow all the steps below:

Step 1: 

- Go to https://discord.gg/5qj62F8Vjk and join the discord group
- React to the message in the #registration channel by clicking the Thumbs up emoji. 

- If your name on the member's list has turned blue, then you have the role and are verified. You should now be able to see a new channel called "Verified".

Step 2:

- Go to https://www.koi-raffle.com/ and log in with your discord account. 

- On the raffle day itself, you should be able to see the raffle live. Click Enter. 

Step 3:

- Go to Jotform link (Currently not live) and complete the form. 




2. Winners will be drawn 24-48 hours after, and given access to a locked listing on singakbd.com. The password needed to access will be mailed to the email used for raffle entry.

3. All details entered must match your invoice details when you checkout from the store

4. Any discrepancies will lead to a cancelled invoice. Fees are not refundable

5. Winning a board from this raffle will disqualify you from the Blue and Pewter raffle to adhere to the one per person rule






Q. How many units can I purchase?
A. Each raffle winner will be able to purchase only one kit per household. This means that if you win a colour from the Green and Red drop, you will not be allowed to join the Blue and Grey drop. If you do, your entry will be disqualified. 

Q. Instock?
A. Instock. Green and Red are in the first drop. Blue and Grey to come later. 

Q. What material for the plate will be offered?
A.  Aluminum full plate and half plate, FR4 Full plate, POM Full Plate

Q. Do you offer (Insert Material here) plate other than the ones listed above?
A. No. Plate files will be provided later on, so you can cut your own (Insert Material Here) plate.

Q. What is the angle of the board?
A. 8 degrees (Front height is 19mm)

Q. Is shipping included in the kit price?
A. Shipping will be calculated and added to your total cart amount at checkout. 

Q. Hotswap?
A. No hotswap

Q. If I would like to get an aftermarket Oring, what should I be looking for?
A. The stock oring is 50A silicone at185mm OD x 3.5 CS. Please use this as a base guideline if you are looking to buy different material and durometer orings, do take note that it may not fit exactly the same. Please test at your own discretion.